Psychological and Physical Aspects of Drug Abuse in Adolescent Communities

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Unfortunately the abuse of illegal drugs is not uncommon in today’s adolescent communities. Many teenagers today use illicit drugs as a way to deal with everyday pressures such as school, after school jobs, sports activities, domestic violence and peer pressure. Adolescence has been found to be a period of weakening bonds with parents and strengthening bonds with peers (Flay, 1994). Numerous states have experienced an increase in drug related deaths ( More than 1 in 10 of today’s youth aged 12-17 were current users of drugs in 1999 ( The number of young adults’ aged 18 to 25 using illicit drugs in 1999 was at a high of 17.1 percent ( In this paper I …show more content…
Other times, it is because they think it is cool to use marijuana due to societal pressures; they hear songs about it on the radio and see it on TV and in movies. “Whether it’s from TV, movies, or music, young people are receiving too many mixed messages about marijuana” says Donna E. Shalala, U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services (Sora, 1997, page 69). According to one study, marijuana use by teenagers who have prior anti-social problems can quickly lead to dependence of the drug (T.J Crowley, 1998, page 57). Statements such as “everybody is doing it” or “it will make you feel good” highly influence middle school and high school students. Usually at the time that the drug is being offered, potential users do not think about the harm this drug can cause in the future. Marijuana is also very popular in today’s community because adolescents are turned off by the harder drugs and believe that pot is not a gateway drug that may lead to more lethal substances (Sora, 1997, page 71). While marijuana users do not move on to harder drugs, smoking weed does increase a teen’s chances of being exposed, according to the National Institute of Drug abuse in Washington, D.C (Sora, 1997, page 71). So why do teens smoke marijuana? After many case studies and psychological theories “curiosity” is often the most logical reason.
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