Proyect Managment: Operational Activities Essay

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In operational activities organizations find two ways to useful for distinctions one is process and the other one is projects. In today’s modern economy the second form of operations are more widely used. The fast speed of competition these days only requires innovation. Round the globe and current business situation requires ability for constant change, and implementation of this change causes to manage projects. Recognition of uncertainty and risks are the most important factors of developing initial stages of critical chain schedules. Furthermore, implementing change in the projects also makes it successful and makes it free from delays. Practically project management requires both managing tasks/activities and managing
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Projects these days started to pay more attention on risk, uncertainty, complexity planning rather than focussing on target.
BRANDON (2006) explains modern times project management. In 20th century the management methods were mostly based on command and control. Management and organizations take much detail from ancient techniques and spread it to lower and middle level of organizations. In today’s era the development of management structures had made middle management layers reduced and provide a team based work in lower levels. In modern organizations there are fewer levels of positions such as team leader; C.E.O, vice-president etc. and teams are given assignments as well as responsibilities. Some organizations have even moved further and developed a new organization called virtual organization. These virtual organizations need no physical facilities. Modern day project management also uses engineering and management principles as well.
According to Magia3e (2013), there are two methods in project management theory –first, waterfall method second- agile method. Waterfall method is the traditional method and is least popular these days. However, many changes are being made in order to have a good network in waterfall methods.

At present scenario and situation project

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