Protection in Cyberspace Essay

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Introduction Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is a process where transactions occur over electronic networks, predominantly known as the Internet. E-commerce supports the business-to-consumer markets such as the music commerce, travel, auction houses, retail, and online stockbrokers. Consumers are becoming more comfortable with the new electronic age and all generations are changing behaviors to enjoy the accessibility, simplicity, and readiness for the enticements in online shopping or personal banking. Undeniably, e-commerce changed the way consumers and businesses alike behave. Cyberspace created the now freestanding entity of virtual businesses (v-business) that generated a critical concept of emerging the synergies of new …show more content…
E-commerce is one concept that drew people to cyberspace for convenience of conducting transactions online for both the customers and businesses for a bottom-line into the billions of dollars (Hang, 2000; Kshetri, 2010). The space in cyberspace refers the spatial environment of the internet resources contained such as the Uniform Resource Locator (URL), domain names, email accounts, or virtual worlds (Fairfield, 2005). A quick comparison between a chat room and a conference room or the website URL and real estate demonstrates how online resources represent virtual property that mimic physical properties; therefore, virtual property requires the same security precautions that real world property require. For example, a chat room is, in many ways, similar to a conference room; a URL is similar to real estate in the real world from criminal activities (Fairfield, 2005; Murphy, 2013; Tehrani, Manap, & Taji, 2013). A large part of daily conduct and interactions occur in cyberspace through online environments (personal, banking, and business), securing personal and business property requires necessary protection from the associated cyber-crime and treats. Information Technology (IT) security is more than a defensive concern. IT security

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