Protecting Our Earth Essay

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The lack of sustainability and irresponsibility, that emanate from Grasshopper Generation, will not only make the economic and environmental problems unbearable, will also tightly constrict everything in the life, which will lead to limit the ability for development because of the domination of financial debts and the constriction of ecological debts. The world is entering a new era “Energy-Climate Era” due to human activities that associated with their trends, which led the global crowded, global warming, and global flattening to converge. The global crowding may gave birth to unmanageable problem unless something is dynamically done. At first, the world population is expanding rapidly. According to statistics, there are 6.7 …show more content…
On the other hand, most that growth will be taken in less developed regions that least able to sustain it, which they could be easily attracted to violence, extremism, and other social and environmental problems. The earth is facing a huge invisible problem that lying in the global warming. As the world becomes crowded, the human activities increases, which exhausts the environment, particularly the atmosphere. In fact, lots of emissions and toxic gases are emitted by human industrial, growth of population, and transportation sources. For instance, the emission of carbon dioxide gases, which are produced by burning of fossil fuels such as coal and oil, float up and stay in the atmosphere and make the global warming. Likewise, the greenhouse gases such as methane gas that is produced by rice farming, petroleum drilling, coal mining, and cattle belching, are more dangerous and the worst from dioxide gases. According to reported science world 2002, methane's heat-trapping power in the atmosphere is twenty-one times stronger than carbon dioxide. Furthermore, the methane gas is the most abundant greenhouse gas and it is colorless and odorless. Indeed, greenhouse gases trap the sun's heat near the earth surface, which permanently increase the earth temperature. The effects of flattening the world can be staggering. At first, flattening of the world means that millions of new people were able to buy or sell things. Meanwhile, they were

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