Essay on Proper Dosage in Drug Use

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Many people do not know that taking too much of a medicine for headaches or migraines is actually bad for you. The medications to which are being described are not only the prescribed ones by physicians, drugs such as Tylenol and Motrin are dangerous as well. Just because they are not as complex as some of the others does not mean they aren’t just as harmful. A lot of these medications can actually cause headache recurrence, and even worsen the original headache. This headache that reoccurs is called drug rebound headache, which means that the headache returns after each dose of the medicine wears off and then this causes the patient to take another dosage. Some people also do not realize that with an excessive intake of caffeine …show more content…
If you take more than the prescribed dose, it can actually hurt you.
The Ergot Drugs
Ergot drugs help with inflammation and they have effects on blood vessels which causes them to constrict. Along with many other effects, they interact with the receptors for the brain chemical serotonin. Serotonin regulates pain awareness, blood vessel tone, and mood. These medications have a high warning for people with high blood pressure, peripheral vascular disease, and heart disease. They have a high warning because the vasoconstrictive property which helps relieve the throbbing pain of a migraine can be very dangerous. Ergotamine sometimes causes nausea, some patients who have been taking these medications for some time also take anti-nausea medications beforehand to control the nausea. Ergotamine tartrate is available in a few different brands and forms, some combinations have caffeine inside. Some types are:
• Wigraine (Tablets)
• Ercaf (Suppository)

Another medication related to ergotamine is dyhydroergotamine (DHE). DHE has a lesser effect on blood vessel constriction which makes it a little bit safer to take. It also has a milder effect of nausea than ergotamine. Some forms of DHE include:
• DHE-45 (a self-injection)
• Migranal (nasal spray)
It also has a lower headache repetitiveness compared to the triptan group of medications.
The Triptans
Triptans mark specific groups of serotonin receptors that are usually known to help with

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