Essay on Project Management

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Project Management

The concept of project management is a vague yet essential part of the average work environment. Typically, this process is overlooked by the average person, and its function within academic, business, and research environments is essential to the development of products, theories, and success. The idea behind project management is to separate a group of people, small or large depending on the size of the company, and focus their efforts on a goal or ‘project’. Each company or organization has a different methodology when it comes to arranging their project management group. However, these organizations usually follow a core set of ideas or concepts that have been proven successful in the development of goals.
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Covant, a development services company specifically cited in the requirements of applicants, the ability to be “Responsible for managing Pan European projects, mainly covering France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK” (Covance 2004). It becomes known that a position within a project management firm is not only a high level of responsibility, but a lasting commitment to the international research community, and not only the domestic one.

These factors in a project manager lead to the benefit of almost everyone. The pharmaceutical and health field focus nearly all their resources on project management. Many firms require degrees in epidemiology or other health related fields due to the obscure nature of some research material. Basically, pharmaceutical companies, and other health development firms, need a method to research and analyze prospective products. Project management teams are important to this process because they separate themselves from the company and perform the necessary tests to make a product. More or less, a project management team takes a possible product and forms a study around it. The team generates a thesis or goal and develops a plan to test that thesis. Ideally, the project manager should be able to manage the team so that the tests can be successful in determining the validity of a statement. In the end, everyone benefits from

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