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Profile of the Self

“You are requested to close the eyes.” This urging that Sigmund Freud experienced in a dream helped to unlock repressed feelings, and gave him insight into his personality. Fortunately, there are now tests available to help us to understand ourselves. Our behavior can be determined and understood by analyzing different aspects of ourselves. The four main aspects are: Decision Making, Self-Concept, Interpersonal Relationships, and Affect. Decision Making is very important.

Making decisions is really much more complicated than it seems. When I make decisions, my Id, Ego, and Superego decide my fate. Unfortunately for me, my Id wins far too often, as I often do not study enough. Other personality traits,
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That is probably the most contributable element of my self-concept in that it leads me to conform my beliefs of myself to meet society’s norms. Interpersonal relationships also play an integral role in my behavior.

I am deficient interpersonally in my ways. On my personality tests, I score very much introverted, but not reclusive. I do not exhibit the trait of shyness, but rather I do not receive much marginal utility by engaging with more people. I have several very close friends and do not attempt to create any new friendships, as they are not needed and are very distracting. When relating to others, I often use a passive strategy and avoid conflict, although if I am very strong in my belief, I will fight back and persuade. The factors that have most impacted my communications would be my agreeableness and openness to new situations. I am conservative and set in my ways to the point that I will not change, causing some difficulty to others trying to talk to me. My affect is also important.

My affect is usually of a steady nature. I am often focused on my situation, ignoring other things. I also am low down, or somewhat depressed. These factors usually keep me in a calm, very predictable state. I usually do not make too rash of decisions or reactions to others. I also do have a quick temper that can fire up. This factor causes my behavior and actions to radically change and become impulsive.

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