Professional Provider vs. Volunteer Provider Essay

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According to John Howard, Author of The Flowering of the Hippie Movement there are two types of deviance from society: vertical and lateral. Vertical deviance is defined as “when persons in a subordinate rank attempt to enjoy the privileges and prerogatives of those in a superior rank” such as “. . . . the ten year old who sneaks behind the garage to smoke” (Howard 52). On the other hand, lateral deviance is defined as “when persons in a subordinate rank develop their own standards and norms apart from and opposed to those of persons in a superior rank” such as “. . . . the teen-ager who smokes pot rather than tobacco” (Howard 52). Both types of deviance become evident when the characteristics of hippies are identified.

The mere mention of “hippie”, “counterculture”, and even “the 60s” immediately conjures up images of nostalgic, young adults or teens wearing tie-dye while listening to psychedelic rock and using illicit drugs. Individuals acting in this manner flocked to locations such as San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district and New York’s Greenwich Village in the early to mid 1960s and the movement continued to spread into the mid 1970s. Hippie movements undoubtedly involved increased drug use including but not limited to: marijuana, LSD, psyclobin, and cocaine. In addition to marijuana, hallucinogenics seemed to be
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