Essay on Production Planning Strategy

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Many organizations currently utilize production plan strategies in an effort to win the future market which has promising outcomes due to the high rate of demand on the consumer goods and services. With a clear understanding of the good marketing plan strategies the business owners are able to come up with good proposals concerning the future projects and through proper follow up and consultation the plan ends up making high profits for the organization. The production plan strategies come in different formats and it is the responsibility of the organization to choose the best format which suites their product and expectations. The benefits of the production plan strategy have also been highlighted in the essay.

Production planning
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The knowledge of the materials available, the people to involve and the time span is also important in planning a production strategy.
The production planning strategies are very important in a business as they enable the organization have a well scheduled program on how to carry out its activities. Taking an example of a motor bike production company, the use of production plan would be very necessary bearing in mind that the machines are in high demand in the present days. The company production plan strategy should be well organized to take care of the current and the future market. The company makes a sale forecast to indicate the expected outcome within the next ten months although demand is not part of the production plan. To efficiently implement the plan constant consultations between the different parties is very necessary as it assists in getting information on the changing market and as such changes are made in the progress. Moreover, the production plan strategy enable effective communication between the operations department involved with production and the management and also with the sales department which ensures that the company has full information concerning the production (Vollmann et al, 2005).
Different organizations use different strategies for the implementation of a production-plan process. The most classical strategies used by the industries are the make-to-order strategy. For the motor bike manufacturing

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