Problem of Practice Essay

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In an effort to create a context for learning, one needs to define the language that will be used to teach a subject. So often in schools, from first grade through graduate studies, when teaching a new subject matter or concepts it is necessary to teach the vocabulary that will accompany that subject. However, we often spend little time making sure that vocabulary is learned and consequently without the prerequisite knowledge of vocabulary of learning the learning of information related to it is difficult. This need for definition of relevant language is seen in multiple sources with textbooks being on of the greatest sources of it. The books highlight, bold, or italicize critical words and provide definitions of the word or within the …show more content…
He stated that when taught specific language for instruction a student’s comprehension and processing of information shows an immediate and positive gain. He continues, “One needs to know something before one can think about it” (pg. 160). Marzano (2000) supports Hattie’s research with the belief that we need to engage student in learning new terms and phrases. Marzano found, teaching students specific concept vocabulary as well as how to use it appropriately increases comprehension by 12 percentile points. Stahl and Fairbanks’ (1986) research demonstrated a 33 percent increase in achievement when teachers made had a focused effort to teach important vocabulary related to new students material. Teaching students’ vocabulary related to the subject material appears to be essential to improve student comprehension and learning. In the instruction of EL students, specific and meaningful vocabulary instruction is important also. Gibbons (2009) states that learning specific subject language needs to be a part of subject content and explicitly taught and discussed for students to be able to comprehend subject matter. When students understand the language of the material and can relate it to their prior knowledge base and they have a higher likelihood of learning the material. We, as teachers and teacher leaders, need to integrate the language of learning into our instruction and make it a part of the learning process. New vocabulary needs to be

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