Pro Immigration Essay

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Introduction If at all possible, why not raise the U.S.’s GDP? The issue of immigration is one that has been known to generate disputes between two or more parties. Throughout the duration of this essay our group takes the affirmative stance on the account that the U.S. should open its borders (except for National Security concerns) and more easily allow immigrants to enter the U.S., attain legal living status, and attain legal working status. We have found evidence that there are various statistical factors that prove that immigration has economic benefits for the sake of our nation.
Background Information (Literature Review) The main component for our argument in favor of expansive immigration reform is written by the recently
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So having an expanded immigration policy is a great idea and it can help out businesses in the United States by employing foreigners that are skilled and ready to learn and work.
Construction of Main Arguments The benefits of an increased immigrant community are apparent in almost every walk of economics. Their overall contribution to the nation's fiscal well being is shown as a positive one and their improvements to the quality of the workforce are also quite note-worthy. First, let us turn our eyes to something that is indisputable in economics, even among those who claim that immigration is not beneficial. All economists still must accept the fact that overall the United States' gross domestic product (G.D.P) increases by having a high convergence of immigrants upon the United States. The Center of Immigration Studies' professor, Camarota Steven, (Immigration and the U.S. Economy 2010) although an opponent to immigration claims that the overall G.D.P. is increased by 0.24 percent with immigrants. This percentage may seem small and insignificant, but remember that the economic prowess of the United States is very expansive. If this was not conviction enough of the beneficial nature of immigration, immigrants also bring more to the country than a pair of arms. Senator Larry Obhof (The irrationality

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