Prison Camps in North Korea Essay

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In human history, the most famous prison camp is the Auschwitz concentration camp where millions of human beings spent the last of their days. The most notorious group from Auschwitz being the Jews who lost the greatest number of its people and also the most remembered from the concentration camp. A prison camp is defined as “a camp for the confinement of war or political prisoners” (“Prison camps,” Prison camps found in the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea (DPNK) have been found to treat its prisoners little more than beasts. The atrocities done in North Korea are unknown but the severity of the camps have left great scars on the people of North Korea. If left unknown, the prison camps in North Korea can …show more content…
The reasons for imprisonment varies. The State Security Agency (SSA) will arrest people according to “anti-state and anti-race” crimes, actions which may dirty the image of the country or its leader. Other types are economic crimes, such as stealing or smuggling, or getting in the way of socialist culture, such as spending money or living luxuriously. (Database Center for North Korean Human Rights, "Prisoners in North Korea Today."). Other reasons for imprisonment include illegal border crossing, criminal crimes, and guilt-by-association ("Political Prison Camps in North Korea Today." Soon Ok Lee stated that “…And I was imprisoned because the North Korean economy was in recession and the supply of materials was not in good condition, that’s why I was imprisoned ” ("A Survivor: Soon Ok Lee." Imprisonment does not depend on whether or not the activity was necessarily illegal, but also depends on the “location of the arrest;” if Kim Jong Il is visiting that location, then an arrest from the SSA is very probable (Database Center for North Korean Human Rights, "Prisoners in North Korea Today.").
While at prison camps, prisoners are expected to spend their time doing physical labor. The daily schedule begins with waking up at 5:00 AM, having breakfast till 6:00 AM, then by 7:00 AM prisoners leave for the mine and begin work at 8:00 AM till 8:00 PM. There is a break of thirty minutes for lunch, but

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