Princess Culture in Disney Movies Essay example

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What princess culture does is put our little girls in a box and give then a “narrow view of womanhood” (Dionne). They are all expected to dream of princes, wear frilly pink night gowns, and have multiple plastic tiaras, which do not symbolize power for these girls like a crown does—it’s delicate and pretty. Girls are told that they should be pretty and polite. When girls don’t fit in this box the they are suddenly “quirky” or “outspoken”. These labels aren’t exactly positive, so girls often stay in the box as long as possible to avoid being different. Our girls are expected to conform to a beauty and behavior standard at a very young age. This is something that stays with these girls into adulthood. They will continue to conform to …show more content…
This story line is found in most of the orginal folk-tales. In Cenerentola by Basile, Cendrillon by Perrault, and Aschenputtel by the Grimm Brothers, Cinderella is treated as a servant after her father dies; she is brutilized and neglected by her remaining family, but eventually marries a prince, and escapes her situation. This shows girls that in order to escape their problems, they must find a man to save them. Girls keep this idea with them into adulthood. Women spend their life searching for their perfect man, all the while keeping their dreams or careers on the back burner. This is another example of the warped expectations of love that princesses give to girls. This belief that men will come into their life and make everything complete is dilusional and only leads to disappointment. What we need are princesses who don’t spend the whole story or film in search of a savior in the form of a prince.
In the end of all these folk-tales, fairy tales, and films, Cinderella gets married and it’s all over. This influences girls to believe that marriage is the ultimate goal in life—that being a wife should be their biggest accomplishment. This marginalizes women’s dreams to become anything other than a wife or a mother. Disney’s Cinderella ends right after the wedding. It just assumes that everyone lives “happily ever after” and never

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