Primary Health Care: A New Approach to Health Care Essay

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Primary health care is the care nurses adopt to emphasis the health care to the people themselves and their needs to shape their lives of the people. Primary health care includes all areas that play a role in health, such as access to health services, environment and lifestyle. Hospitals and the health care centers are the only aspects providing the health care to the people in towns or communities. According to (Anne McMurray, 2012), “Primary health care encompasses a broad spectrum of activities to encourage health and wellbeing. These can include primary care and include follow up activities for promoting the health of the community and to protecting the community members from harm, and or preventing illness or injury. …show more content…
This is the first and most important principle to primary health care. Health care services must be equally shared by all the people of the community irrespective of their race or economic status. This concept helps to shift the accessibility of healthcare from the cities to the rural areas where the most needy and vulnerable groups of the population live. Health care services should be delivered to where the people are. The health care resources that are available in a given community should not be in the handle of a few and resources should be accessible and affordable to all. For instance, think of a woman who has a smelly vaginal discharge which worries her. What might discourage her from consulting a health worker? Distance to a clinic is a problem of accessibility that is, whether the patient can get to use a service or not, vaginal examination by a man is a problem of acceptability that is, whether a patient can bear to accept a service or not in between. Many problems in these areas have been quickly solved when local staff

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