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As a future nurse practitioner, I have given immense thought in the selection of a clinical practice based on the primary care setting that utilizes the collaboration model. I have selected this type of clinical practice because it best suits my professional and personal goals. I value autonomy while having the ability to work within a healthcare team and enjoying teach my patients. Nurse practitioners (NP) are a valuable part of the healthcare team. In 1960s, from a vision to improve primary healthcare to under-serviced communities the development of the first NP program developed out of need as a public service and focused on the care of pediatrics and since then the care of other specific populations such as families, adults, …show more content…
The constructivist approach helps to bridges the theory of practice with clinical experiences along with EBP and will facilitate meaningful learning (Levin, 2010).
The primary care nurse practitioner working in a clinical practice stems from my days working in the emergency department and interaction with physicians and patients. Although, I have fifteen years experience in a critical care an acute care setting my most enjoyment moments is working with physicians and other healthcare team members to deciding the best treatment plan for a patient. As a NP working in a clinical setting I can utilize past experiences while applying new knowledge. I credit my preparation to assume this role from my years of clinical experiences and my quest to push to learn more. "Acquisition of a technical skill arises through repetition, but with ongoing learning the capacity to discover and to deduce from experience is higher order activity" (Gardner, Hase, Gardner, Dunn, & Carryer, 2007, p. 253). Even my 10 years in the military have prepared me to assume a role as advance practice nurse in a clinical setting. I value working in an environment as well as learning from others. Being an active duty member in the United States Air Force gave me an opportunities to work with all culture groups, work with a multidisciplinary teams, and to obtain the monetary ability to afford my educational goals.
I think working with a multidisciplinary team is the one of my best

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