Essay on Pride and Racial Inferiority in Blue Winds Dancing

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There is a fine line between admiration of one's own culture and contempt for those who are different. Where is the line drawn between pride and prejudice? A society will always feel as though their system of beliefs and way of life is superior and opposing culture are lacking in dignity. In "Blue Winds Dancing" Tom Whitecloud's unnamed character is at that crossroad in his life. Is his Indian culture truly inferior to that of the White man; is his honor to not drift away from his own culture leading to prejudice for the White man?

Throughout the story there is a constant comparison of White culture and Indian culture. It begins with the narrator noticing a difference in landscaping between the two cultures. ." . . there is always
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You can immediately sense the contempt the narrator has for the hustle of White society.

The narrator goes onto compare the different aspects of the cultures, and in a sense thinks like the White man, that his culture is inferior. He speaks of formal education and states how the Indians have ." . . no worries about grades and honors." (117) Because a society does not place an emphasis on formal education does not make them any less civilized than another society. When he speaks of his culture being inferior, he is placing that title on them himself. He goes on to say, "I am weary of trying to keep up this bluff of being civilized." (117) That is not the definition of being civilized, but by him agreeing with the White mans definition, he is making it true. When he states "But we are inferior." (117) He is accepting that defeat and becoming part of a prejudice society that puts a title on people based on trivial things, he is agreeing with the White man and saying, "yes, I am inferior to you."

The narrator's main conflict in the story is that he is very unreceptive to White culture, due to stubborn pride. Rather than make the difference and be the one to stand at the top and say "my people are not inferior nor are they uncivilized" he chooses to not merge the two cultures, and agree with the rest of society that you must

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