Essay on Presidential Legislative Power

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The President of The United States of America is often thought to be the most powerful person in the world, because America is arguably the most powerful country on earth. This is the typical assumption due to the sheer size of the United States military and the influential power that the United States carries globally in social and political affairs. Since the President is the leader of the most powerful country in the world, the popular misconception is that he is the most powerful man in America. However, the American political system is designed in such a way that no one individual is able to acquire a remarkable or potentially unhealthy amount of power. Based on his title alone, the President may have the most individual power, but …show more content…
Even when a President uses a veto (his most powerful law-blocking tool), the House of Representatives and the Senate can still pass the bill into law, and this ultimately provides Congress with more law-making power than the President has.
The procedure for a bill to become law is not a simple one. The bill must receive a majority vote in both houses of Congress for it to become law. This means there are two major voting stages for a bill, and if any amendments are made by either the House of Representatives or by the Senate, the other house must vote again to approve those changes. This required level of cooperation usually creates a challenge for the President as he rarely has the political support of both the House of Representatives and the Senate. This back-and-forth movement between the houses of Congress may last for a long time or not happen at all, and bills can be held up for an indefinite amount of time if the very unpopular filibuster is used. A filibuster is simply using any rules and regulations that are in place to delay the vote on a specific bill. Even the threat of a filibuster can cause many bills to die in Congress, since the time and energy required by a filibuster can be exhausting.
The effects of a filibuster can be felt even if it is not used. A bill that the President tried to pass through the Senate earlier this year that would have expanded background checks for gun sales gained a

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