President John F. Kennedy's Assassination Essays

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President John F.Kennedys assassination
On November 22 1963, the whole word was shocked after John F. Kennedy the 35th President of United States was assassinated. This happened as he was traveling through Dallas in Texas in an open convertible. He was accompanied in the Lincoln convertible by his wife Jacqueline Kennedy and the Texas governor Connally and his wife. As they were waving a crowd passing through downtown Dallas streets, a gunman fired shots from top of Texas School Book Depository building injuring the President and governor (Davis, 2009).
The President was pronounced dead some minutes after arrival at Dallas Parklands Hospital. He passed on at the age of 46.The vice president Lyndon Johnson who was also traveling in the
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The guy later identified as Ruby was detained and charged with murder.
However, an official Commission report concluded that there was no conspiracy domestically or internationally alleged to assassinate the President. Another report from the house committee cited conspiracy claims and that an organized crime was involved. The two reports have been widely disputed.
The role of media in reporting at the time of assassination
The newspaper had the heading, “Kennedy slain by assassin” The media was very important in reporting political issues of United States in regard to their Presidents in the 1960s era (Engdahl, 2011).
The Marietta Daily Journal of Friday, Nov 23, 1963 reported that “the nation is stunned as President John. F. Kennedy was assassinated at 1: 25pm in Texas while riding in an open car through the city streets. The shooting occurred as President Kennedy and his wife, Jacqueline Kennedy was riding with the Texas Gov. John Connally and his wife, Idanill Brill “Nellie” Connally.”The consequent stories supporting the assassination headline in the newspapers included:-
• Lockheed workers continued at their jobs, but a noticeably slower pace.
• The girls at junior high school class received the news and sat at the desk crying.
• The community players held a back stage backup session the night after the shooting and performed to a packed house.
• After the announcement of Kennedy’s death, the Journal received a telephone report that

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