Present and Future Benefits of Solar Powered Homes Essay

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Present and Future Benefits of Solar Powered Homes


The following is a feasibility study on the need to apply solar power for homes and the benefits to be expected from it. This report contains information on the expected benefits of using solar power for homes in place of traditional methods of power such as electricity and gas. Solar power is beneficial to consumers because it saves them money compared to the increasingly high prices of conventional methods of generation. Solar power is also beneficial to society because it is much safer for our environment than the burning of fossil fuels or the use of nuclear power that is characteristic of gas and electricity power. This report explores solar power as an
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When this technology is used for power generation in homes the advantages benefit not only the consumer but the environment as well. Natural resources do not harm the environment and have a low operating cost.

Photovoltaic cells (PV cells), originally developed to be used in space, are used in solar panels for homes. According to “Convincing the Home Builder to Build Solar Homes—Evaluation of the Passive Solar Workshop for Builders” by S. Klein, they are reliable because they operate for a long time with practically no maintenance. The average PV system runs dependably for about 30 years before any major maintenance is required. Since PV cells use the energy from sunlight to produce electricity, the fuel is free to the consumer. Also, PV cells have no moving parts so the solar panels require little maintenance. These low-maintenance, cost-effective PV systems are ideal for supplying power to homes in remote areas far from utility power lines and homes in ordinary communities.

While most people are concerned with the safety of the environment, the initial cost of a PV system prevents them from making the switch to solar power. Federal and state governments recognize this and offer annual rebates and tax incentives to customers who install PV systems in their homes. Consumers with PV systems in their homes will save about 60-70% on their utility bills. These savings will exceed the original cost of a PV system in about 10-12

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