Premature Triplets: Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Cook Children's Hospital

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Cook Children NICU receives around one thousand babies per year. Since the new unit was opened two years ago, they have single rooms where the parents can stay with their babies overnight, and it is controlled individually according to the patients’ needs. In the single rooms they are able to accommodate twins, triplets and quadruplets. According to Carolyn Cowling (personal communication, April.18, 2014), who is the LCSW, preemies have shown an incredible improvement in their health and are able to go home faster because they have a quicker recovery. Single rooms also allow parents to be with their infants all the time they want, even spending the night with them. Since most of them are there for a long run, it provides the
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Aside from referring, Cook Children’s has a follow up program called NEST Developmental Follow-up Center, which provides support, planning and care coordination for the babies who were at higher risk in the NICU. NEST follows up until the clients reach age 5 so that they are confident that the children have appropriate cognitive, behavioral, socialization, emotional, and motor skills development.
At Cook Children’s NICU, every day brings a new challenge that they have to uncover, and every day they learn how to deal with a variety of issues, which they learn from and use when dealing with similar situations. Something that all workers at the NICU deal with on a daily basis is being able to leave work at work without stopping caring about their patients. There is a lot of communication among all workers in the NICU because they all have to work together in order to provide the best services available for the patient. One of the biggest strengths is being able to provide families with the single rooms so that they feel that they have privacy with their child and the attention is personalized toward their baby.
Cook Children’s is always trying to improve the System of Care philosophy. They have translators of all major languages so there can be a fluent communication between doctors and parents. Specifically for the NICU they have parent support groups in which they assure that parents are well guided and informed, and if they have other siblings, they

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