Power of the Media on Young Women Essay

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“Our bodies are trained, shaped and impressed with the prevailing historical forms of… masculinity and femininity.”1 The body and a woman’s association to her own body reflect the ways in which culture has casted her; how she looks physically and the way she feels about her shape and body size is a mirror of her cultural norms. Women learn from a very early age that they must spend an enormous amount of time, energy, and riches attempting to achieve the Eurocentric ideal look, that is, tall, thin, and light skinned and feeling ashamed and guilty when they fail yet they are unaware that they are already being set up for failure because the ideals are based on absolute flawlessness, perfection that cannot be achieved. The images are never …show more content…
Just one moment can change everything…the advertisement is not only trying to sell women the perfume, by the look on Johansson’s face it is insinuating that by buying this product, a woman will find love; eternal love and happiness. If you buy the product, it’s going to bring you the benefits by association. You’re going to find love, you’re going to be happy, you are going to be desired by men.
Looks are important for the man but they are a defining feature for the woman: both in terms of how others respond to her and how she experiences her own self. Women are living in a society where if they do not measure up to the ideal beauty standards, they have no value at all. Many people believe they are not influenced by advertising because it is quick, it’s cumulative, and for the most part, it is subconscious. It is not just that we see these images of idealized women once, twice, or even a hundred times, they stay with us and we process them subconsciously.
Burberry recently launched their winter wear campaign; many of the ads showed unrealistically thin women. Women were often shown under the arms of the man, feeling secure, like they were in their element.
There was a lot of publicity recently about an image of model

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