Population Ecology vs. Neoinstitutional Theory Essay

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Organization-environment relations depict certain areas of UCSB in their entirety in which two of those theories include population ecology and neoinstitutional theory. Population ecology and neoinstitutional theory looks at UCSB in divergent perspectives: population ecology studies organizations if they are a living or dying species whereas neoinstitutional theory highlights the organization’s importance as an establishment to its field of expertise. With this, I am going to compare both, population ecology and neoinstitutional theory, in relation to the University of California – Santa Barbara. I will further discuss each of their strengths and weaknesses in accordance to the behavior and environment of institution, faculty, staff, and …show more content…
Yang and among other administrative staff at UCSB employ population ecology to aid the growth of the school while ensuring the best experience possible for past, current, and future students. Population ecology is additionally stimulated by external and internal pressures dictating the fate of the organization’s future. UCSB among other universities and colleges altogether face one external pressure that can lead to a “dying” organization which is fiscal uncertainty. Monetary barriers against UCSB hinder the organization because they are given limits renouncing their power and legitimacy (Hannan 932). The UC system is facing a financial crisis in which UCSB is not the only school suffering. All students and faculty are evaluating the future of UCSB due to the incessant layoffs, budget cuts and tuition rise which leaves the community unsatisfied. Yet, the Access and Affordability group, at the UC Commission of the Future, weighs the current financial dilemma and tries to find accessible alternatives for students and faculty (Commission of the Future). Like external pressure, internal pressure contributes to a “growing” organization such as the idea of upholding their reputation. UCSB remains a “growing” species because of their many extenstion campus throughout the internet, Ventura, CA, and other countries; while doing so, UCSB was able to keep their educational value and status is

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