Pollution's Effect on the Diversity of Aquatic Invertebrate Species

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Pollution's Effect on the Diversity of Aquatic Invertebrate Species Aim: To investigate whether pollution affects the diversity of aquatic invertebrate species.

Equipment: Wash tub,

Smaller Margerine Tub

Plastic Spoon,

Milk Container,


Species Analysis Chart.

The wash tub has the perfect surface area to count the animals without imprisoning them, the smaller margerine tub allows for the animals to be more carefully analysed so that their species can be more easily determined, the spoons are the perfect size to remove the animals individually, using the milk container is much easier than filling up the wash tub with water because if we
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Once all the animals have been counted, carefully replace them into the dyke.

Safety: Be sure to have a secure footing when doing anything near and around the dyke, to prevent falling in.

Before doing any activity near the dyke, cover any cuts and abrasions with micropore tape, as there are some water-carrying diseases that could enter these cuts and could become infected.

Wash hands thoroughly before eating and do not put your hands in your mouth.

Fair Test: The same size net and preferably the same net should be used, so that the same capacity of animals can be caught in each dip.

The same motion of sweeping with the net should be used. I.e. sweep across one metre, turn, sweep back one metre and remove the net. This ensures a fair test, because that way all dips have the same opportunity to catch the animals.

Sweep the net at the same depth in the water, as some species dwell in the mud on the floor of the dyke, while some live nearer the top and sweeping at different depths would give a different impression as to the diversity of the dyke. For similar reasons, you should choose whether you sweep in the middle or toward the edge of the dke and stick to your choice every time you sweep.

Measurments & Repeats: I plan to sweep near the bottom of the

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