Essay on Pollution and The Industry of Civil Engineering

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The industry of Civil Engineering produces a lot of unwanted waste and pollutions. There are solid waste, air and even sound pollution during construction. In addition, for most structures, it will eventually be demolished and materials become waste. This is the reason why the topic sustainability has been so popular these years. The definition of sustainable development by Brundtland, 1987, is 'Sustainable development meets the economic, social and environmental needs and interests of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs and interests.' The biggest concern nowadays is considered to be resources as it is limited on the earth, however, human have unlimited wants. Also, running out of …show more content…
'The idea of these houses isn't to live under or in the ground but with it', stated by the vetsch architektur website. The earth house concept uses its surroundings as the advantage. The surroundings are not adapted to the houses, instead, the houses are shaped to suit the natural environment. These houses benefit from using the ground as an insulating blanket that efficiently protects them from rain, temperature fluctuation, wind and natural abrasion. Earth houses, unlike traditional houses, can be built according to individual requirements and their favour of energy conservation. The entrance of earth houses can be in the roof. Early earth houses had nearly no windows, but modern earth houses often have windows inside the roof allowing more natural sunlight to enter into the house.
So what makes them to be considered as highly sustainable. Firstly, the degree of insulation of houses can have a significant effect on energy saving. Huge amount of electricity is used to deal with temperature conditioning, earth houses are designed as integral arches which has a high insulating ability. The reduction of heat can result an energy saving up to 50%. Secondly, traditional houses are built into the air, which cause loss of heat and humidity as a result. The exterior wall of structures also loses lifespan. On the other hand, earth houses uses the ground as insulating blanket resulting far better consequences than traditional 'built into the

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