Political Socialization Patterns Essay

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I see politics in our country dividing us as a society more and more every day. People are born into political communities and are raised to believe a certain political view or a specific bias all because they’re raised in a certain area. Someone’s religion, ethnicity, and social status all have effects on where people fall on the political spectrum. For me personally, I’m not really sure which one of the factors I mentioned played a significant roll in my development because I don’t fully consider myself a Republican or Democrat. I adopt views from both parties that I consider to be accurate and correct. To best understand where my political views came from than I must look at my earliest political experience that made an impact on my …show more content…
Now that I think back to that event I wonder if I was being used as a political tool. Was I apart of some type of message that the people on strike were trying to get across to UPS? The message being that our children will go hungry at night if you don’t make things better. Regardless of the purpose, I was exposed to a politically motivated event. This event at the time had no effect on me, but as I got older I began to understand what I’d been a part of. The ideology of the event has left little political repercussions on me personally, but now I do have a moment that I look back at and think to where my politically forming began. About five years after this event it was 2000 and election night. G.W. Bush was running against Al Gore for President and I had zero understanding of who these people where or what they believed, other than one being a Republican and one a Democrat. What I did know is that my mother was super excited in the morning after election night. She announced to me that G.W. Bush had won the presidency (Mason, 2001). As a child seeing how excited my mother was, it was unique to me. You often view your parents as a mature and strong ruler over the family. Someone who is meant to be in control and have all the answers, but that morning my mother was literally jumping for joy. Knowing that my mother was excited about Bush made me excited. At that moment I knew I was a die-hard Republican. I didn’t know what I signed myself up

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