Political Science Essay #3

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Essay #3 Bahrain and Libya have undergone conflicts within separate Muslim and Shi’ite groups as well as government policy and tyranny. What both countries have in common is the support of the United States. Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims in Bahrain should use the policies of Gandhi. Libya should resort to violence because of El-Qhadaffi’s tyrannous militaristic policies and corruption. Violence will only lead to more violence. It makes the situation worse because there’s lives being taken. Wars will damage both nations economically because there’s weapons and resources that are used for business transactions. Murdering people is not what Islam is preaching. It is about having peace and being disciplined. Bahrain will use Ghandi’s …show more content…
Ghandi explained that “Civility, good manners, and humility- these virtues are at such discount these days that they seem to have no place at all for the building of our character” (47). With that statement put into place, the reason people come up with violent revolts is because people have no civility or manners. This exemplifies that people need to let the system take effect. As he explains “ This lack of manners delays our victory in the struggle we are carrying on” (Gandhi 47). A quote from the Koran said “We have destroyed many a sinful nation and replaced them by other men” (Dawood 228). What this means is that human beings do not like being controlled and being taught morally. As a result, people do not practice what they are taught. With the values of civility and respect for authority, people in Bahrain do not have to resist arrest or disagree with unfair laws. They have to learn that there are rules and they have to accept them. Therefore, if the citizens of Bahrain can comply with higher authorities, the police and lawmakers in the government can cater to the citizens because the bond established is instilled. The government and its citizens can work together to improve as a nation only when the citizens defer to the system. A couple of ways citizens can accomplish this is by having the citizens with the state officials work together in public and private meetings. They can

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