Political Ideologies on Education in the UK Essay

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Social policy is based around the ideologies of those in government to ensure that every individual with in society is treated equally thought out life so that they are able to receive the same opportunities and access to all areas such as health care, education and welfare help according to their needs. Because of the harsh conditions that the country was, experiencing after World War 2 the Prime Minister Winston Churchill commissioned a report, Beveridge (1942) to try to overcome the country’s social problems and to help those who were suffering from the effects of poverty. One of the areas that the report covered was that of Ignorance which was considered the lack of education. The importance of education is seen as a vital stage in a …show more content…
The act also established a legislative basis that has lasted for 40 years and it was described as being the greatest measure of educational advance since 1870 and probably the greatest ever known. The act set out reforms that set the standards for education to ensure that the nature and quality of state education was achieved, this included that education was completely free ,also that children when they turned 11 would change from primary education to secondary so that every child had the same chance to then go on to university. If they left school at the age of 16 it would then be compulsory to attend a college in addition, it was to be the future responsibility of local authorities to provide further education courses in areas of technical and commercial and art education. Practical measures implemented to ensure equality of opportunity were the provisions of such things such as free school meals, milk, and medical inspections. These were put in place to make certain that children were physically able gain from their education in addition to working towards creating an efficient, cost effective, and unprejudiced education system (Lowe 2005).


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