Political Culture and the Challenge for Democracy in the United Kingdom

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INTRODUCTION Is it the change in political culture that generates the greatest challenge for democracy in the United Kingdom? That was the question I was asked to answer for this paper and through my research, I have concluded that the political culture provides the greatest challenge for the democracy because it is always changing on the basis of imperialist ideals, the problems with the class system and the changes that Tony Blair made.

DEFINITIONS Social cleavages are divisions that can come from religion, ethnic diversity, race, and economic class that in turn interact with the political system. It is measured by how many people are getting along with each other, how people react towards policy; the number of revolts or
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However, political culture and its problems provide the greatest challenge for democracy in the United Kingdom. It will affect the challenges presented through the inherited institutions because of the imperialism that still affects the political culture today. It also affects the serious social cleavages because the political culture is heavily reliant on the class system. The most interesting thing about the political culture is that it is constantly changing, unlike the inherited institutions, which stay the same. It molds itself to the most talked about problems and helps the people form opinions and beliefs about what the government should be doing. Because of this, the political culture of Britain is the greatest challenge for continual democracy.

The affect of Imperialism When we look at the political culture of the United Kingdom, we can first look at the imperialism of their past and their present. Many political scientists suggest that this relates more to the institutions inherited, however, evidence from the Economist suggests that this is not the case. An article written this past January discusses some of the reasons that Scotland wants independence from the United Kingdom. The article suggests that Scotland wants independence from the Britain because they are too controlling and don’t offer enough liberties. The United Kingdom is showing Scotland a very imperialist nature by giving them liberties slowly.


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