Political Compromise in America Essay

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In America’s past we struggled with polarization in government from before it was even officially born. We note hours upon hours of deliberation that nearly tore the fledgling America apart before it even began over the single issue of representation. While today we are greatly thankful for what the framers produced, wouldn’t it have been much more efficient had the framers simply compromised from the beginning? If we as Americans emphasize compromise and bipartisanship in our own political voting agenda, we would find ourselves with a far more productive and efficient government. There is no need to get ourselves all wrapped up in Greek arête, and philosophize about government to discuss government's role. It's quite simple: …show more content…
However, politicians on both sides stoke the fire of polarization and insanity rather than propose any real solutions. One side of our political spectrum proposes one plan, the other something completely different, both with no chance of backing down. What’s the result? Nothing. True progress is between. Perhaps bipartisanship and compromise would be a more effective way to bring order. In “A More Perfect Union,” the film dramatized the struggle between big state versus little state representation. Neither side would back down. Bigger states would be under represented in a senate type government, while smaller states would be crowded out in a purely representative government. The result was progression stopped. It came to blows at times, delegates left the convention, they couldn’t even move past it and then come back to the issue at hand. It was just ineffective government, until they compromised. Each side of the political spectrum dominates the political rhetoric and keep anybody with moderate views simple shut up. The result is this polarization effect, unending dead stop government inefficiency. However this can change. It is time for elected officials to step out for a second and address, not the issues at hand, but the overriding issue of stubbornness. This wild extremism if continued to go unchecked will completely infect the government and leave it paralyzed. Based in logic and reason, we can

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