Police Brutality is a Criminal Act Essay

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Jose Guerena, a man with a wife and children was shot mercilessly 72 times when cops entered his house in Tucson and Jose grabbed a gun to defend himself and his family (Crazy Facts). He never shot back at the police and his gun remained on safety during the whole event (Crazy Facts). Police brutality is a now common sight found all over the world. The corruption of power is an ongoing problem in the world today that puts countries in turmoil. Police brutality is one such corruption that puts unprovoked violence and harm on people. The U.S. is not safe, many cases take place in the here, and famous ones include the Rodney King case and the Great Railroad strike. Many countries outside of the U.S. have some of the worst scenarios of …show more content…
The family’s two dogs were killed and a gun was held at him, his wife and children (Brainz). Not only the U.S. is beleaguered with these crimes but also other police forces in other countries. Almost every country has police force that is paid to protect their citizens but many instead of safeguarding them they abuse their power to take control and injure people. Who would ever think that some citizens feel fear when police arrive rather than relief? Well citizens do every day because in China officers are known to beat and torture suspects under arrest (Top Criminal Justice Schools). To make matters worse, they don’t have the appropriate training or equipment (Top Criminal Justice Schools). Not only are civilians targeted but a large majority might be illegal immigrants. Dogs were set on illegal refugees in South Africa by the police (Top Criminal Justice Schools). Gangs of criminals roam the streets of Rio de Janeiro and in this city three people are killed by on average each day by law enforcement officers due to the large population of criminals (Top Criminal Justice Schools). Being beaten and tortured is just a few of the torments the citizens of Russia go through, being used as a human shield to protect officers chasing a dangerous criminal is quite another affair to go through (Top Criminal Justice Schools). Why should a cop have to use an innocent civilian’s body to protect himself

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