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Fundamentally social animals, human beings have a need for connection. Woods, cited in Wandel (2008) writes that there are four underpinning characteristics to successful human characteristics: 1) identified investment 2) commitment 3) trust and 4) comfort with relational dialectics. Woods also made the observation that “verbal disclosure” was important in building trust in western society. These concepts have been used by a number of authors in one way or another in discussing the use of Online Networking Sites (ONS) and their resulting social impacts on different student cohorts (d. boyd, 2007; Martin, 2009; Neri & Ville, 2008; Valenzuela, Park, & Kee, 2009; Wandel, 2008).

Social Capital has a variety of definitions in the
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Conversely ‘bridging social capital’ is loosely associated links more about garnering access to information (Ellison, et al., 2007).

The concept of social capital and its impact on psychological well being, happiness, self-esteem and so forth link tightly back to those of connectivity with strong parallels in the context of the student experience has been addressed for the last several years by higher education institutions. However with the shifting sands of 21st Century, new solutions are needed to create the structure in which to incubate the necessary environment for the student community.

Downes defines a social network as “ ...a collection of individuals linked together by a set of relations” (2005, p.411). Inherently, an Online Social Network (ONS) therefore is to be found in the online environment in platforms such as Flickr, Ning, Facebook and LinkedIn. These platforms are commonly referred to as Social Networking Sites (SNS), where one can create a public/semi-public profile with in a system, identify and list “friends” they connect with and view and visit the “friends” of their connections (d. m. boyd & Ellison, 2008). The key factor of a SNS is it allows the creation of a unique online identity where online connections can be

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