Essay on Poety Analysis: Adrienne Rich Poetry

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Much of Adrienne Rich’s poetry is applauded for its rhythm and form, which helps emphasize the meaning of each poem. The freely placed lines and unique structure do not break up the poem, instead they bring power and significance to the unique features of her individual poems, stressing the meaning of the poem to the reader. Concretely, her poems have much imagery, and, also, most of the time, lack comment or conclusion to the emotions and purpose of her work. The structure, form, and rhythm of Rich’s poetry work together flawlessly to help portray the meaning of the poem, separate from just the images themselves. We can see Rich’s conscious effort to use form to portray meaning in many of her poems, but more specifically in Planetarium, …show more content…
Rich is conscious of the constant mental awareness it takes to purposefully create a subtitle, but by empowering theme not with the meaning of words, but with the placement of them. The struggle is not creating the freeness of the lines; instead, it is creating the poem without the form falling back into a simplistic, grade school-like, “free verse” type structure. Rich proves her knowledge and strength in this category by straying from traditional form, using this freedom to create beautifully written lines of lyrical poetry.
Visually, on paper, Planetarium is a spacious, non-formative poem. With a free verse poem, a reader can usually assume the author arranged and placed words specifically to emphasize the thoughts and meaning of the poem. Below the title, there is an ode to Caroline Herschel, a woman who was not recognized for her work in astronomy until later on in life. Already, this ode brings forth to the readers mind a few topics: women, space, and under-recognized achievement. This gives specific themes for the reader to begin thinking about as the reader starts the poem. The first stanza is structurally insignificant, but still meaningful. Rich compares monsters to women, stating the “skies are full of them”. She is laying out the basic exposition, expressing the worldly perception of women if they were to choose to educate, achieve, and create something with their lives. A successful woman and a monster are compared and

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