Poe’s Description of Lenore, the Raven, and God in The Raven Essay

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This paper is about the poem the raven. In this paper, it talks about how lonely the narrator is because he misses a woman named Lenore. It also talks about why the raven is so important in the poem. It talks about what the raven stands for and what everything it does mean. It also talks about how the narrator thought that God had sent the raven. The narrator thought that God had sent Lenore as well. It tells you about how the narrator thinks that God had sent the raven to replace Lenore

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The narrator kept wishing for tomorrow (Poe, “Raven”).

He had sorrow for a woman that shined like a light and was an unmarried virgin named Lenore (Eddings). The narrator was always in a very lonely state of mind (Poe, “Raven”). He always wanted someone to talk to about the woman named Lenore (Poe, “Raven”). The narrator never left his house (Poe, “Raven”). He sat there all alone all day just thinking about this woman named Lenore (Poe, “Raven”). The bird sat up on top of that door every day just saying the word nevermore (Poe, “Raven”).

The narrator wants the feeling for the Poem to make people think of beauty when looking at the territory of it (Poe, “Philosophy”). The narrator wants people to realize that even though he is lonely in some situations that there is also some beauty to it (Eddings). He wants the people who read his Poetry to understand and pinpoint the beauty of his Poetry (Poe, “Philosophy”). He tries to make some of the Poetry dark and gloomy so it easier to see and pinpoint the beauty of his Poems (Poe, “Philosophy”). The narrator takes his time at his Poetry (Poe, “Philosophy”). He wants all his work to be the absolute best it can possibly be (Poe, “Philosophy”). He wants his work to be as close to perfection as it can be (Poe, “Philosophy”).

People criticize the narrator’s Poetry saying that he could use words like nevermore for example, in different places in the Poem (Freedman). However, the narrator goes over his work a lot to make sure
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