Pleasantville Essay

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If you think about it, today’s world is not such what we call “user-friendly” place.
Unemployment, severe diseases, global droughts and other dreadful natural disasters that are about to happen to our lives. Even better, the more time passes, the more chances you get to face them in the future. But what the heck, everyone will eventually face all of those problems one day. Danger, devotion, abomination, curiosity, and alterations are always present in our lives. You might think that Pleasantville is pleasant. Well do I have some news for you: nope. The name “Pleasantville” is just a simple irony that’s all.

In Pleasantville, everyone is so empty in their minds. For instance, every character always did the
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Why? Because of the changes that were not supposed to happen in that town. Then people turned color. Why? It’s a mystery for the audience.

Some people from the audience say that the characters turned color because they felt some extreme feeling towards something, someone, or even themselves. Like the other scene where Betty was in the shower. Now that was a real knockout, wasn’t it? All of the sudden she saw many colors, and then another major change happened: fire. No one saw fire before in Pleasantville except David and Jennifer. And all off the sudden it was like a chain reaction, change after change after another change.

Other audience say that the reason why people changed color is because of an alteration or a small shift in their lives. Again Betty for instance, she fell in love in someone else. A small change in her life cause a small displacement in Mr. Johnson’s life which turned him colored. When some people became different, in color wise, than other people, prejudice originated in town. All of the sudden you see discrimination such “No coloreds” sign were seen at some stores. That cause a major crisis in the city. Violence, fights, jealousy and abhorrence among the people towards each other. That symbolized to show the real life in 1950’s unlike the “pleasant” as it seemed on the television.

If you ever saw a movie “Matrix”, “Pleasantville” actually reminds me of it somehow. Where people take things for

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