Essay on Playing God

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From horsepower carriages to magnet levitation trains, technological advances have aided the superior development of countries at a breakneck speed. This unstoppable process leads to a continuous strand of new innovations in modern USA that could lead to life altering changes. However, with advanced medical technology now becoming more conveniently available to the masses, people are further exposed to the idea creating a more idealistic and flawless society. Ideas such as genetically modifying children to acquire traits that contribute more toward a more socially acceptable and superior human being is the result of the advancement of technology. Despite parental liberty to genetically modify their children in order to help prevent disease …show more content…
Parental concerns for the general safety and betterment of their child are instinctive motives of protection despite the financial and unethical consequences of creating a genetically modified child. Diseases such as “cystic fibrosis, early-onset Alzheimer’s, sickle-cell disease, and muscular dystrophy could be cured with the PGD to advert life-threatening diseases that result in the birth of hundreds of healthy children”(Naik 1; Bailey 1). However, with these surgical procedures becoming more readily available to the general masses, there comes a point when rapid science progression allows for human modification beyond just treatment. With this possibility, a new outlook is formulated and more ethical considerations are held as parents choose to construct designer babies in order to raise a more ostensibly idealistic child.
With medical technology allowing the frequency of self-selected traits to increase, human genetic engineering raises ethical concerns toward violating human rights that ultimately creates a man made human being. By permitting human engineering for anything other than medical purposes, ethical concerns are raised about the manipulation of genes to suit one’s satisfaction; the progress artificially strips the human race of natural individuality becoming infringed by the actions of others. In 2006, 42% of surveyed PGD clinics

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