Play Review of The Marriage of Figaro Essay

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Play Review of The Marriage of Figaro

Imagine that you were at a performance of “The Marriage of Figaro” in 1784. Write a review of the play for inclusion in a main-stream journal of the day.
Last night I finally saw the long awaited sequel to “The Barber of Seville”, long awaited not for it’s theratrical value, but perhaps because it has been rumored that upon it’s presentation to his royal highness Louis XVI, the King was to have remarked that such a play could never be allowed on stage. Fortunately for us he did not stand by this appraisal and for the first time last night the play “The Marriage of Figaro was performed in a theatre. Audiences were not disappointed. Unlike other sequels this play actually held some of the
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Upon reading the script it would be easy to see how this funny character could be spoiled by the inference of a caricature. Fortunately the actor did not.
If Figaro has changed then so has the Count. He is now thoroughly bored with his lifestyle, he lives only for vanity and self indulgence, traits with which we the audience can not sympathise.(Oh if only life were that easy)
Marceline and Bartholo describe the Count accurately as: “A womaniser out of boredom, and jealous out of vanity.”
Beaumarchias however still manages to bestow up his a Count a certain amount of charm, his lightness of touch prevents the character from becoming truly detestable to the audience. He has all the grace, dignity and affability as befitting a man of his status, paralleling with a depravity of morals,( for it is customary for noblemen to treat any designs upon women with a spirit of frivolity. )
The character of Suzzanne was presented as resourceful and intelligent; lively and vivacious, without having any of the brazen gaiety of other maidservants, all the necessary qualities of a young woman. She is the object of the Count’s desires: Count: Bazile must have let you know of my love for you. (pg.118)
It is an unrequited love for Suzzanne has no such feelings for him.
He orchestrated the marriage between Suzzanne and Figaro in order that he may play a part in the nuptial celebrations of marriage. He commissions

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