platos revenge Essay

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     One’s opinion, philosophy, or ideology, apparent or hidden can help, or hinder individual or collective development. This hindering action is apparent in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, and the action of helping is apparent in Free at Last by Harriet Jacobs. Each of these authors has their own ideology, which they would like to share.
     In Plato’s Allegory of the Cave we look into the lives of people whose ideology is chosen for them. These people are forced to sit and stare in one direction their whole life. One would wonder if it ever occurred to them to look to their left of their right. This has been their way of life since childbirth, they know nothing else. How, if you know of
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No matter what things beyond ones control will always be cause for change. From the smallest change, the style of clothes that you are wearing, to one that is more major, changing your way of life.
     From time to time people have got to understand what the escapees are feeling when all the ideas are rushing into their heads. Most often I feel this when I am in a fabric store, surrounded be bolt after bolt of every kind of fabric imaginable. The possibilities are endless. From lace to taffeta to cotton to velvet. I need to take a moment to realize where I am and to refocus on whatever project that I am currently working on.      Even after you decide on a certain fabric you still have so many choices to make. There are different trims, both colors and styles, and then, even though you have decided on a certain fabric you can always make alterations. You start with a simple idea and it can branch off in so many different ways. It is extremely interesting. But the idea is that once I walk in my mind starts turning and it doesn’t stop. There are so many possibilities and it is impossible to only choose one route.
     The idea of the escapee returning to the cave can be compared to a country girl moving to the city and leaving almost every aspect of their hometown behind them. They arrive in a new place, and once again all of the new ideas rush in and the old ideas start to fade.

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