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Picking A College
Picking the right college is an important step in contributing to the outcome of a person’s life. But finding the right college to suit the needs and desires of a young individual poses a difficult task.
     Much time and effort must be spent on deciding which college to attend. Avoid making a horrible mistake by rushing a decision and going somewhere not compatible with one’s aspirations. Visit the college, ask for information, look at the courses offered, and research its reputation for education. Check out the dorm rooms and campus life. Is it a beautiful campus, or just filled with buildings? Find quiet places that time could be spent reading and studying. Also look at its strengths, along
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Some people enjoy warm weather, such as the mild temperature of California. Lying on the beach and catching some sun sounds awfully appealing. Others prefer the crisp temperatures of the north, where numerous colleges remain famous for dominating football teams.
     The distance from home is a major consideration. Some people enjoy having the comfort of home close by, while others are looking to go as far as possible. My brother attends the University of Evansville, Indiana, which is a three-hour drive from our house. Being a short distance from home, he is able to visit on the weekends if he wishes. That’s fun for him, because he enjoys coming back for family events and playing basketball with my friends and me. I know I don’t want to stray too far from my family, although in college it is necessary to meet new people and experience living without the comforts of friends and home. College is a learning experience, setting up a person for life.
     Following in an older sibling’s footsteps, some students decide on the school their older brother or sister attended, which is not necessarily the right reason for choosing a college. Much exploration becomes crucial, setting up appointments with numerous college representatives. Settling on a college just because someone else went there can lead to an unhappy college career. Specific traits a person seeks may not be present in that college.

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