Piaget's Stage Theory of Cognitive Development Essay

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Piaget's Stage Theory of Cognitive Development

Prediction Based on Piaget`s theory, children during the pre - operational stage have acquired the ability to stand apart and view themselves from another person`s perspective. They are able to describe themselves as different from other children by listing their unique characteristics, especially the fact that their names are different. They develop a more complex understanding of themselves, such as age, name, family etc.. During the same stage children become aware of and use gender as a dimension by which to classify people. Once children become aware of their own sex, they learn to label themselves as boy or girl. Early
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Each girl was interviewed separately. The five-year-old

German boy was interviewed by phone, and the six year old Asian - American boy was interviewed at the neighborhood playground. Each interview took approximately 10 minutes. Hanna: 4 years old, female, white, American, has an identically twin sister and a younger sister. Emma: 4 years old, female, white,

American, Hanna`s twin. Hanna and Emma are not going to school yet. They are staying with a nanny and their younger sister at home, while both parents are working. Max - Raphael: 5 years old, male, white, German, youngest of three children, parents are divorced, living with mother and older sisters, no contact with father, staying home with mother. Timothy: 6 years old, Asian - American, oldest of two boys, bilingual, living with both parents, going to a private

Christian school. Questionnaire: 1. Name: Tell me your name. If child gave only the first name: What is the rest of it? 2. Age: How old are you? If fingers shown: How many does that make? If still no answer, let the child count fingers.

3. Sex/Gender: Are you a boy or a girl? 4. Siblings: Do you have any brothers and / or sisters? What are their names? How old are they? 5. Birthday: When is your birthday? 6. Address: Where are you living? What is your address? Results

Hanna and Emma were both

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