Phoenix's Love Essay

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"Wright, you cannot be serious about this. I have never considering you having these types of feelings for me. I do hope this isn't some sort of trick Larry put you up to." He eyed Phoenix questionably, watching intently for any sign of this being an act. It was possible he was imagining it, but Phoenix did not look like he was joking. The slumped posture--even more than usual--and the eyes looking everywhere but him. They appeared to be moist. Appeared. Which meant that it could still be his imagination, but each second of silence was rising the doubt meter another notch. "Wright?" He said the name softly, as if afraid of hurting his friend albeit rival.

"I'm sorry, Edgeworth," came the small answer as Phoenix stepped forward, closer
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They were wet, he noticed with a surge of renewed realization. "Wright, look at me." He waited patiently until the attorney's eyes met his painfully, fresh tears bulging from them. A whisper of a smile was placed on Edgeworth's lips and remained as they opened to speak. "I love you."

Phoenix's eyes widened in both astonishment and disbelieving, but Edgeworth's firm gaze didn't falter for a second, nor did his hands stray from their spot, awaiting a reaction from him. A single teardrop fell from each eye, his fingers wrapping around yet unmoving wrists. He couldn't believe he went there looking like a fool and what he got out of it was the last thing he had been expecting. His cheeks lit up under Edgeworth's hands as he thought about going for a kiss. And Edgeworth appeared to have a telepathic link with him, because in the next moments their lips were connected and didn't look to be separating anytime soon.

Later that evening, Phoenix went home to an energetic (as always) Maya who was asking him questions about what she'd forced out of him earlier that day. That was one of the few moments where she showed actual compassion for him rather than silliness, despite the both of them knowing they cared for eachother. But he didn't mind her personality in the least. She was his best friend. Needless to say, she pulled him into an overly joyful embrace and refused to let go until he offered her a meal. As she surely would, she agreed.

Later that

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