Essay about Philosophy of Teaching

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Philosophy of Teaching There are a variety of different styles and philosophies that can be applied to education by teachers. There is no set philosophy, but I feel that the combination of Essentialism and Progressivism philosophies are most compatible with my current educational views. One might say that these two philosophies are exact opposites, but I believe they can co-exist with one another. Essentialism is contingent upon the basic subject matter, whereas, Progressivism places the student’s interest above the importance of the subject matter. As a future Physical Education instructor, I feel it’s extremely important that students master certain skills in P.E. that will be essential later in life, but I also believe …show more content…
These young adults will be productive citizens in an often-tumultuous society. Education is in place to provide foundations for children to grow upon and later in life to branch out to a more specific field of interest. The purpose of Physical Education is to help produce physically active, health conscious students who will apply the principles they have learned in Physical Education and use those basics later in life. This “New P.E.” embodies the idea of promoting lifetime sports and activities that anyone at any level can participate in and enjoy. The “New P.E.” program hopes to reach all students, athletic or not, and instill values that will remain and be practiced throughout a students’ life.

As a future teacher, I feel I have a number of different roles to fulfill. First and foremost, it is my responsibility to the students to help them make the integral step from a classroom to functioning in a large society. It is also important for me to convey and display my thoughts and involvement in shaping the future because students generally don’t tend to think ahead and ponder how the future will affect them. I also believe it’s my duty to model and embody what I teach my students. This is especially important to me because many P.E. teachers generally don’t practice what they preach. Being a healthy and

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