Essay on Philosophy of Literature

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My Philosophy of Teaching Literature

Studying literature is important it has the potential to open a window to wisdom, and give insight into the basic aspects of the human condition. Initially, students will gain knowledge in concrete parts of literature such as vocabulary, developed literacy skills, and an overall understanding of written language. These concrete pieces provide a basis for the true reason to study literature.

Literature provides a person with the ability to step out of their own life or civilization, and into others. For a brief time pupils reading a book such as The Diary of Ann Frank, will have their imaginations sparked by the experiences, the history, and thoughts of a writer. Which can lead the
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Teachers then undoubtedly have the ability to allow students to expand horizons by teaching literature. This can unintentionally become restricted though if the teacher is only willing to teach students certain types of genres. The diversity of genres should not be restricted to students because it allows them to see literature in all its magnificence. With the diversity of students and the variety of literature taught it's highly probable each student will find a love of literature through the variety of genre facets offered to them. This created love of writing inspires many students to delve into the study of literature on their own, which is part of the true goals of a teacher, to create a love for learning.

Although all genres should be taught a strong emphasis should be placed on Drama. This genre is the epitome of those that allow the students to live vicariously through the characters, because the students can actually turn into the characters. Having students read parts in class can also increase their oral communication abilities, as well as, giving them confidence to speak out in the classroom.

Another genre carries within it an enormous variety would be prose. The story itself goes back centuries, and through the years has been shaped into numerous styles such as: horror, science fiction, romance, fiction, western, etc. With such a variety, finding student interest

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