Philosophy of Education Essay

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Philosophy of Education

I believe the key to a happy and successful life is having the choice to do what you really want, whether it’s being a sail boat captain, a scientist, or a tax collector. The only way to have these choices in life is through education. The more information you have and the clearer you can think, the more power you have over your future.

This is why education is so important. It gives children the power to get out of bad neighborhoods or the courage to pursue an unorthodox career. Education is responsible for all advancements in science and technology and allows us to avoid mistakes made in the past. As a teacher, I hope to equip my students with the information they need in order to make good, informed
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Teacher’s must play many other roles in the classroom; role model, mentor, and entertainer. However, I believe educator and disciplinarian are the two most important.

As the art of teaching has progressed in the past century, we have begun to realize that there are many different types of learning styles. It is the teacher’s responsibility to accommodate all of these types into her lesson plans each day to ensure that each student receives information in the best possible way. I recognize this need and am prepared to incorporate as many different teaching methods as possible. I would love to use music, art, sports, and literature to convey mathematical ideas in ways that the students can relate to and understand better. I realize that many students have no interest in math so using these different mediums to express mathematical ideas may spark interest in learning more.

One of the hardest aspects of being a teacher is dealing with children. It’s very hard for an adult to identify with young kids and to present material in a way that students will understand. Being young myself, I don’t foresee this being a large problem at any time in the near future. As I age, I’m sure my teaching techniques will improve enough so that I’ll be able to adjust for the age gap appropriately.

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