Philosophy: Defining the Self Essay

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As I read through the Thinking Philosophically box in our text, the first question that comes up is, “What is a self?” It is wonderful to start off with an easy question, right? Well, Wikipedia defines the self as the subject of one’s own experience of phenomena: perceptions, emotions, thoughts ("Self," 2014). A standard dictionary definition is a person’s essential being that distinguishes them from others, especially considered as the object of introspection or reflexive action; and a person’s particular nature or personality; the qualities that make a person individual or unique ("Oxford dictionary," 2014). Don’t you feel more enlightened already? Referencing back through Who Are You: Consciousness, Identity, and the Self, the English …show more content…
The text asks, “Who are you?” I will take that as a literal question. Who am I? I am a woman, a mother, a student, a friend, a co-worker. I have experiences that shape me and some that define me. I am in the beginning stages of a divorce, attempting to go back to school, president of the Active Minds club, and biggest supporter of my children’s education. Each of these things has an impact on me and the decisions I make throughout my days. I am intelligent, emotional, determined, witty, reserved, daring individual that would like to do so much more in life. All these things make up a part of me and that is just the most obvious of traits, behaviors and thoughts. There is so much more beneath the surface which I want to see and depending on who you are, I want to show. Does this fit Socrates thoughts to “know thyself” (Chaffee, 2013)? To be able to look deeper within yourself and know your soul and what drives you to have a fulfilled life? His ideas of the soul, believing that it was the sum of one’s true self and purposes through the course of a lifetime. If time travel were possible, I would have enjoyed a conversation with Socrates. He was a man who lived by his principles even though they ultimately cost him his life. In the text, another question I will take literally, “Who do you want to become and why?” Well, as corny as this may sound, I am fortunate to be what I am. I am a mother of two fantastic kids who are willing to learn

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