Peter Gay´s Life in Nazi Germany Essay

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Living in Nazi Germany Peter Gay and his family didn’t see a major urge to flee because they didn’t identify themselves as jewish, Peter still attended school, and adapting to a new country seemed difficult. As events unfolded and the Nazi party became more powerful, the urge to leave became more and more necessary that Peter and his family escape Nazi Germany before it was too late.

There were three ways to be classified as a Jewish in Nazi Germany that were by conversion, birth, or decree. Peter and his family didn’t consider themselves Jewish, they were only considered Jewish by Nazi’s classificationing them through decree(Gay 48). They thought of themselves as Germans and to be atheist(Gay 50). The family didn’t think it was logical
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Peter Gay’s father had a successful business in Germany and to just pick up and leave to a leave didn’t seem practical. Then nuremberg laws which were antisemitic laws that said Jews couldn’t marry a German, they couldn’t have any relation with a German, and that they couldn’t own a business. That significantly affected Peter Gay’s family because his dad was a business owner. Then the gymnasium that Peter had attended had been dismissed with the rest of the Jewish students that had attended(Gay 120).

It was easy for America and other spectator countries to realize the obvious signs of Nazi Germany coming into rise, but for Jews in Germany it wasn’t evident. How could such an advanced country follow through with all of the threats Hitler had been proceeding to make toward the Jews. Even with the signs leading up with all the the Germans Jews just thought the hostile atmosphere that was in the atmosphere was plausible. They thought they could make a compromise with the Fuhrer instead, they didn’t realize his intentions were more crude as he became more powerful(Gay 112) .The German Jews only had two options to stay or to go. When the Jews were in Germany, they weren’t seen as Germans, but as Jews. They couldn’t stay in a country while they were known for a different “race”. The obvious option as a spectator would have been to flee, but where would they go?

Packing up and leaving Germany with Hitler in power seemed to get more and more difficult as time passed.

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