Perspective on the Opposition of Interfaith Marriage Essay

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Interfaith Nation Marriage is considered one of the most important parts in a person’s life. Choosing to enter a marriage can change a person’s life forever. It can bring great happiness and beauty or intense stress and sacrifice into an individual’s life. But, most importantly, it can show people a love that is unconditional. Marriage has existed for hundreds of years and beyond that, the establishment of marriage is seemingly timeless. Interfaith marriage on the other hand, has a little known history or record of occurring. In a book review by Timothy Kelly, he explains how the writer of the book shows the little information that there is about early interfaith marriages, “There are few direct records of intermarriage during the …show more content…
Most religions have their own style of ceremony, blessings, and procedure when it comes to a couple entering marriage. As most weddings do, this will involve both partners’ family members, and even if the couple is seeing no issues with having their non-traditional marriage, it is likely that other family members will have issues. Author James D. Davidson explains that, “Historically, the pre-Vatican II church discouraged Catholics from marrying members of other faiths. If a Catholic insisted on marrying a non-Catholic, the church countenanced a simple exchange of vows in the rectory or at a side chapel” (Davidson). Many religions, such as Catholicism, heavily emphasize on having traditional church wedding ceremonies in order to perform the proper blessings for marriage, but having a couple with two different religions can prevent the ceremony from taking place. With the prevention of proper marriage blessings, this can be a major setback for the following of ordinances in many religions, which can cause unrest with parents, grandparents, and families whom greatly encourage traditional marriages. The second perspective on the opposition of interfaith marriages is between the couple themselves. When a couple is married, it is common practice for them to sacrifice and compromise for each other out of the love they share. But with a couple who has different views on religion, this can take the meaning of compromise to a whole other

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