Perspective on Global Education Essay

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“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school” this quote by Albert Einstein states the importance of education, its influence on our daily lives and its power over all other devices. My teacher once asked me what’s easier, to remember or to forget? I answered confidently “to forget” but he made me realize I was wrong, I can never forget the alphabet “a” for example even if I try erasing it from my memory; moral of the story is that education will stay with you for the rest of your life.
In the past education was private were still no schools were build up and was mostly home schooling as for example Greece was one of the countries which had home schooling. In the past the student didn’t have any
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In 1817 the ministry of education of japan was published which made japan opens its door to other countries to share their ideas and knowledge. As in this case late on American syllabus was brought from America, after years enumerated another syllabus had come-up which was French syllabus.
Education in now a days had completely changed compared to olden days, Now we got 2 educational stages, primary school and university in primary school its divided into 3 stages, kindergartens, primary and secondary but in universities its mostly around 4 years or 6 years it depends on what the child would want to be Specialize in. Today’s generation children are educated in good schools, best education tools, skilled teachers with experience and the most important thing is the technology. Technology had played a really big role in education, Ipads is one of the techniques which had motivated the students. “Educators everywhere started to use Ipads in classrooms, which is also known as Tablets computers as it is quickly replacing the laptops as the technology of choice for teachers and students” (Smith, 2013)
The above chart shows that in United State different schools with different amount of number of Ipads developed on 16th of October 2012. Lincoln School uses 1,464 of Ipads, Croswell-Lexington School uses 1,700 of Ipads, East Allen County School uses 7,780 of Ipads, Roche School uses 13,070 of Ipads,

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