Essay on Personal Writing Improvement Assessment

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Writing Improvement Assessment As this course in writing, for public administrators, comes to its conclusion, I have read provided materials, researched additional references and written various journal entries and analysis papers on topics that included writing skills and real world communications. The writing skill assignments provided the most interesting points but surprisingly, it was simple proof reading that proved the skill I need to spend more time mastering. This self-assessment will focus on the improvements I have made, points I have found interesting and the goals I have set to continue to improve my writing and communication skills. Heading into the course, I thought there would be two main challenges to my success - the …show more content…
The research, examples and exercises regarding the use of active voice, introductions and thesis statements were particularly helpful to me in understanding the importance of the these components in writing for my target audience of busy decision makers. Well-written introductions grab your reader’s attention, and provide a preview of what is to follow (“Introductions,” nd.). The thesis statement is the central idea of your essay and active voice makes the meaning clearer and keeps sentences shorter and more concise (“Active Versus Passive Voice,”, 2013; “What is a Thesis?” n.d.). By incorporating these components properly into a document, reading and comprehending the information presented is easier and better received. The use of active voice makes sentences direct and less confusing for readers to follow. The most important lesson I have learned, was not from teachings of the course, but from the feedback received from the teacher regarding minor grammar and formatting mishaps. A simple second look or a reading of the paper aloud would have allowed me to identify and rectify these issues before I submitted it and questions regarding my abilities as a professional could arise. Although, there are similarities between the APA and MLA styles of writing there are also subtle differences that requires attention to detail and research when there are questions as to proper

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