Essay about Personal Narrative- My Reasons for Entering the Air Force

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My initial reason to enter the Air Force was a great way to pay for college which turned into a call of duty and a service commitment which has actively allowed me to contribute to the Air Force mission. Thus far I have led a joint force search and rescue effort and a multinational exercise to preserve freedom. As an F-15E instructor WSO and combat mission ready WSO I actively contribute to ensure our freedoms are preserved and the attacks of September 11, 2001 will never happen again.
My Air Force story begins with me searching for a viable way to pay for college. I was brought up in a home with two hard working parents who were great role models that tried to provide every opportunity for me. However, my family was part of the
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I deployed to Andersen Air Force Base, Guam for five months. While at Andersen I was given the distinct opportunity to be part of an alert crew to practice intercepting inbound enemy aircraft. I eagerly waited for the phone call giving my crew the scramble order to execute our mission. However, when the phone rang the information given was far from that, we were told to scramble to support a real world search and rescue for a downed B-52 aircraft. From the phone call my flight was airborne within 6 minutes. We arrived on scene of the last known aircraft location according to Guam air traffic control. We were to search for the 6 missing aircrew and pass locations to other search and rescue platforms. After being on station for 3 hours the only information we were able to pass on to other naval and coast guard assets were locations of aircraft debris and wreckage we found. Over the next 72 hours our squadron would set up a non-stop 24 hour search and rescue effort to find the missing aircrew. I would lead 3 more sorties off the coast off Guam over the next 72 hours to only find more aircraft debris and structural parts. Even though my search efforts weren’t fruitful I had contributed to the mission and held true to the core values of service before self and excellence in all we do. I would continue to learn from this unique experience and add this knowledge to my skill sets to

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