Personal Narrative: My Day Essay

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I am currently living in a town named Norwood, and as I wake up in the morning the sound of nothingness strikes my ears as if I was stuck in one of those sensory deprived chambers. Attempting to stand up from bed in the first five minutes is useless because I would rise about 20 degrees off my bed then go back down, for that reason I take out the clothing I am going to wear the night before. After I am able to stand up I go into the bathroom, shower to take me out of my half asleep self , then I brush my teeth which ends up always being painful since I always spit out this red bubble in mixed with the toothpaste, which after felling that sour taste I realize is blood. By the time I am ready and come out of my room my little bro is leaving …show more content…
After that class is finally over I actually turn on my brain because it is time for accounting class were my brain actually begins to function. As I sit there and try to do my work people surround me to ask me questions since the teacher is helping some one else and I have a good grasp into what we are doing. When the class ends I remind myself that I have English next were we always have a fun discussion about something, although I never become involved in the discussion I actually fell like I want to be there, sitting in the back watching all this deferent characters interact. The class sadly ends and it usually feel as if we had speeded up time and every time I close my eyes five minutes have gone by. As I come out of the English class I always see this girl, who is in my accounting class, who I think is really cute but she doesn’t even know my name so she calls me buddy which makes me fell like crap since I know hers. Entering my college experience class I am always loud and exited, not so much for the class but because is my last one before I head home.
As I day dream about going out with a smoking hot girl the class ends so I grab all my things shove them into my bag and run to the train station. Once I reach forest hills I get in the buss. I always try to be the first in so then watch the people that come in last have to stand and push themselves in just to be able to fit sometimes I cant help but to laugh. Once the buss gets going I put on my

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